Can you Rent Laser Tag Equipment?

Yes. You can rent laser tag equipment. The best way to locate a laser tag rental near you is to simply search laser tag rental with your city/area name. You will get a list of all the companies renting laser tag equipment near you.

How does the Laser Tag Rental Process work? 

It’s a simple 6-step process.

  1. Decide the date of your party.
  2. Look for laser tag rental online, check packages, pricing and availability. Confirm your order by making the payment.
  3. Wait for the laser tag equipment to arrive.
  4. Set up the game according to the instructions in the box. Keep the boxes and bubble wrap to pack everything back for shipping.
  5. Play the game and have fun.
  6. Repack everything and ship it back.

For which occasions can I rent Laser Tag Equipment? 

You don’t specifically need an event to laser tag equipment. You can simply plan a game day and rent the equipment to play as much laser tag as you want. Most people rent laser tag equipment for birthday parties, after proms, end-of-school-year events, fundraisers (some rentals may offer special discounts for fundraisers), holiday activities, summer fests, church groups, corporate events, bachelor and bachelorette parties.

church groups, corporate events, bachelor and bachelorette parties.

How many people can Laser Tag Rental Services Accommodate?

Most laser tag rentals accommodate small to large groups. You can easily rent laser tag equipment for 50 to unlimited players. The packages and number of players vary from one rental to another, but most have equipment for small to large groups.

How can I start the Rental Process?

Most rentals will have a contact form on their website. Some high-end businesses let you check the available date and your state, city, or county, depending on where they provide services. You can fill in the required information, and their representative will get back to you in 24 hours.

All rentals have a contact number as well. You can ring them up if you want a special package or modify their current offerings.

How do I get the Laser Tag Equipment?

Most rentals ship the equipment once the date/package is decided and the payment is made. They use UPS for delivery purposes. They also include information for setting up the equipment. You can also call them for more information. Moreover, YouTube has plenty of information on laser tag.

How long can I keep the Equipment?

You can keep the rental equipment as long as the package you have decided. For example, you rented the equipment for 7 days. You have to then return the equipment on the next day. It means that the rental equipment must be shipped on the 8th day of rental. Similarly, if you rented the equipment for 1 day, it will be shipped the next working day. The working/off-day rental is included in the package; you can discuss this with the company’s representative.

How can I ship the equipment back? How to Return your Rental?

It’s super easy. Simply place all the equipment in the box it came in and attach the rental shipping label. Take the box to your nearest UPS store, and you are good to go. Some rentals may use other shipping services; they will instruct you how to return the equipment.

Please note that some rentals include the shipping cost in the package, and some don’t. So, it is better to check when placing your order.

Which Laser Tag Rental Package is best for me?

The packages are different for each rental. Some offer packages on the number of guns you rent, some on the number of players, and others on the number of days you rent.

For example, the rent for 10 guns for a one-day rental is usually $180-220, and for 2 days, it is $ 250-350 with 10 guns. Some rentals charge $40-60 per additional rental day.

The rent on a gun basis varies from $8 to $50 per gun, depending on gun quality and type. You can adjust the package based on how many guns you want to rent.

A lump sum package may cost you around $400. It typically includes 8-10 guns, one game controller, a scorpion grenade, obstacles, and other equipment.

You’ll also need bunkers, a sound system, and party lights to make your game fun and interesting. Bunker packages start from $300 for 8-10 bunkers and go up to $600 for 15-20 bunkers. Some rentals offer deluxe bunkers that make laser tag more interesting to play.

Laser Tag Source is one of the biggest rental services in the country. They have listed all 50 states on their website. Their packages are shown below in the screenshot taken from their website.

Their packages are shown below in the screenshot taken from their website.

What equipment do you need for Laser Tag?

The equipment includes laser taggers (laser guns), scoring systems, bunkers, portable speaker systems, party lights, a movie theater, and wristbands.

Please note that rental cost is usually not included for extras like bunkers, portable speaker systems, lights, and movie systems. These things come costly, so be prepared to pay a good amount of money to rent these items.

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