Does Dave and Busters have Laser Tag?

Dave and Busters is a famous restaurant and game arena across the country. It has more than 150 branches in the US and offers various arcade games.

The good news for laser tag fans is Dave and Busters have laser tag. It has an amazing setup that won’t disappoint all laser tag fans. You can practice your target skills and enjoy a fun-filled laser tag with your crew.

Some old information online may tell you that Dave and Busters don’t have laser tag. We can’t tell you about every location. However, the best way to confirm this is to call your nearest Dave and Busters and ask if they have laser tag.

Interesting information about laser tag at Dave and Busters is available on Wikipedia. It says that Dave and Busters acquired Main Event Entertainment, a family entertainment chain based in Plano, Texas. Main Event Entertainment would operate alongside Dave and Busters chain. The Main Event Entertainment facilities are bigger than average Dave and Buster’s facilities; thus, they would offer games like bowling and laser tag.

Let’s read more about Dave and Busters and what things you can enjoy there if you are a first-timer.

Things to Enjoy at Dave and Busters

Food and Drinks 

Dave and Busters offer different options for lunch, snacks, drinks, dinner, and late-night eating options. The menu includes burgers, pasta, fries, steaks, seafood, chicken, desserts, and many other things. Some locations offer Sunday brunch with buffets for special functions and large gatherings.

Dave and Busters periodically update the menu to reflect current trends, guest favorites, and seasonal items. Dave and Busters also offer a full bar facility. Most Dave and Busters locations target adult guests, with people under 21 required to be accompanied by a guardian and a maximum time limit of 10 PM.


You can enjoy a wide variety of games at Dave and Busters. There are many VR games, coin games, bowling games, laser tag, and many others. The number and nature of the game vary from one location to another.

Dave and Buster regularly update the games you can play here. The most recent entry is Top Gun: Maverick. It is an all-new virtual reality game where you can enjoy flying planes with a near real-life experience.

You can also enjoy billiards and board games. Dave and Busters also have top-of-the-line bowling games. Their bowling is simply the best, and it can’t get any better.

Their bowling is simply the best and it can’t get any better.

However, their best offering is laser tag. Dave and Busters offer the best laser tag guns and kits. They also have affordable packages, making your game time an enjoyable visual and physical experience.

The game has a maze-like format, like any other indoor laser tag game arena. Dave and Busters set up everything for you and go the extra mile to ensure you enjoy your time here.

The laser tag experience at Dave and Busters is like a real warzone or, more appropriately, the true Star Wars fun and style.

Dave and Busters also host a wide variety of games in-store that you can play alone or with friends. Arcade games like Pac-Man and Coin Crash will not let you get bored, even if you play for hours. You can also enjoy interactive games like Hungry Hungry.

You can also enjoy interactive games like Hungry Hungry.

Can big Groups go at Dave and Busters? 

Dave and Busters proudly say that no group is big enough for them. You can arrange birthdays, parties, game events, and tournaments at Dave and Busters.

They also give extra tickets gameplay to the guest of honor. They also give plates, cutlery, and napkins for serving cake to your guests. However, the cake must be store-bought to bring to the premises.

Dave and Buster’s Team Building Activities 

This one is special for offices and companies. Whether you are looking to throw a company bash, arrange a social event, club gathering, or simply have a fun-filled and relaxing weekend with your buddies, Dave and Busters have got you covered.

The team-building activities at Dave and Busters are quite different from those at other facilities. You can play Arcade Relay, Mission Impossible, Racer, Midway Showdown, and Dave’s Epic Quest. The best thing about corporate activities is that they come with a skill focus rating. It lets you pick the game according to the outcome you are looking to get from it.

Can I go free at Dave and Busters? 

Everyone’s interested in getting some free time or value-added packages at Dave and Busters. Here are a few tricks to get some advantage at Dave and Busters and save a few bucks.

Power Card 

Power Cards at Dave and Busters lets you avail of 10% cash-back when you visit the next time. For example, if you spend $75 on food, drinks, and games in one night, you’ll get $7.5 for games when you visit the next time.

Dave and Busters Power Card work like debit cards. You can recharge it at any Dave and Busters kiosk or from a smartphone application.

Power Tap

Dave and Busters give 25 free tokens when you sign up for Power Tap. Power Tap at Dave and Busters lets you play games without cash, contact, and tokens. It works similarly to Power Card and saves you from the hassle of carrying coins or loose change.

All-Day Deals

Dave and Busters offer all-day gaming plans on non-redemption video gameplay and 18 game chips for a fixed amount. It is amazing for VR game freaks. All-day packages don’t offer any prizes. You can play non-redemption games at a set price without prizes. It is best for people looking to play for fun and entertainment.

Half-Off Wednesdays

Wednesdays are great at Dave and Busters. You get flat 50% off on all of their games. Yes, it includes laser tag! The deal is valid from opening time to closing time.

It is a great way to play laser tag with your colleagues, friends, and family if you are free on Wednesday.

Dave and Busters Rewards

You can avail of Dave and Busters rewards after signing up for their email programs. You can get exclusive offers and free gameplay occasionally. Signing up with Dave and Busters takes 2-3 minutes, and it brings free gameplay as a warm welcome from Dave and Busters.

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