Laser X Laser Tag not Working – Instructions and Troubleshooting Guide

Your Laser X Laser Tag isn’t working? You are at the right place. This article discusses everything you need to know to troubleshoot your Laser X gear. We know you can’t wait to get back to playing laser tag with your favorite Laser X gear.

know you can’t wait to get back to playing laser tag with your favorite Laser X gear.

Troubleshooting Guide for Laser X Laser Tag 

Laser X Laser Blasters not firing 

Your Laser X blaster may not fire due to a couple of reasons. You can apply the following solutions when the Laser X gun doesn’t fire or the opponents don’t receive a hit shot.

Faulty Trigger 

Problems with the trigger can prevent you from firing the gun successfully. The trigger moves back and forth when squeezed. The spring in the trigger provides some resistance and gives you the feeling of firing an actual gun.

The gun may not fire if the spring and the trigger are broken. You need to replace the trigger mechanism to solve this issue. Check the user manual or search for this solution with reference to your Laser X model number.

Jammed Trigger

The trigger can get jammed if something is stuck in it or you haven’t used your gun for a while. Usually, dust and debris are the culprits. You can clean the trigger or oil it to make it smooth.

Laser X is not turningon 

Are you unable to turn on your Laser X equipment? It can happen due to several reasons.

Dead Batteries

Have you played quite a lot lately, or has your Laser X been lying in your cupboard for months? The batteries may have lived their age. Replace the batteries with new ones and see if the equipment turns on.

This is why most battery-operated devices suggest storing the device without batteries. Changing the batteries is easy. You can refer to the user manual to see where the battery slot is located on your Laser X.

Wrong Battery Installation

You may be installing the batteries in the wrong way. Open the battery compartment, remove the batteries and then reinstall. Check the “+,-” signs on the battery slot and the batteries. The “+” sign on the battery must go towards the “+” sign on the slot.

must go towards the “+” sign on the slot.

Faulty Power Switch

The batteries are new and installed properly, but Laser X isn’t turning on. Maybe the problem is with the power switch. You can replace the power switch using your product’s user manual.

Internal Circuits have gone bad

Sometimes the power switch is working fine, but the internal circuits have gone bad. You can replace the internal circuit if you can get a new one compatible with your model.

Laser X Vests aren’t detecting Laser 

Laser X vests not detecting hits is another common problem reported by many Laser X players. Let’s see how you can fix it.

Disconnected Sensor

The IR sensor could be disconnected. Make sure all the connections are properly made.

Faulty Wiring

The wiring could have gone bad. Wiring problems arise due to improper storage, collisions, or improper use.

Faulty IR Sensor

Though it happens rarely, there is a possibility that your vest’s IR sensor has gone bad. You cannot fix a broken IR sensor. The only solution is to buy new gear or replace the sensor if possible.

Laser X Headphones aren’t working 

There is no fun playing laser tag if the headphones aren’t working. There are 3 fixes for this problem.

Loose Headphone Jack

You may not have plugged the headphone correctly. The knob could be loose, or it hasn’t gone in the jack completely. Try pushing it slightly or rotating the knob slowly to see if it works.

Faulty Headphones

The headphones can stop working if you don’t use them carefully. The problem usually arises when you pull the headphones out by snapping the wire, not the knob. You can test your headphones by connecting them to another audio device like your phone or computer. You need to buy new headphones if the headphones don’t work there.

headphones don’t work there too, you need to buy new headphones.

Faulty Headphone Jack

If theheadphones work with other devices but not with your Laser X, the problem is with the headphone jack. Depending on the model, you may be able to replace the headphone jack, but it is mostly not repairable.

Laser X equipment is not Producing Sound, or Sound has gone too light 

Not having loud sound effects while playing laser tag kills the fun. Here’s how you can fix this problem.

Weak Batteries 

The batteries may be too drained or weak to produce a loud sound. You can identify this problem of weak batteries if the blaster is working fine but not making enough sound. Replace the battery and see if it works.

Disconnected Speakers 

The wire connecting the speakers with IC may break or disconnect during the action. You need to open the blaster and see if the wires going to the speakers are properly connected and not broken. If you know how to smolder/repair broken wires, you can fix this issue.

Laser X Blaster isn’t reloading

If the Laser X Blaster isn’t reloading after pulling the trigger and shaking, it is probably due to a faulty tilt switch in the gun. Let’s see how you can fix it.

Broken Tilt Switch in the Blaster 

The gun is made of glued plastic. You cannot open it without breaking it. On the contrary, you can install a push button on the receiver part. You need to have electric connections knowledge to do this fix. Begin by removing the batteries and open the receiver by removing the 6 screws. Then you need to connect a push on/off button between the “GND” and “MO” terminals with flexible wires. Now cut the “MO” wire that’s coming from the gun.

This wire can be blue or red in some units. Refer to the user manual to see which wire it is in your model. Reinstall the cover and the 6 screws you removed earlier and put the batteries in. You can now load the gun by pushing the button if the procedure is successful.

Pro Tip:Take pictures of every step to help you put things back easily.

Still not working? You need new Laser X Equipment 

If your Laser X equipment isn’t working after performing the troubleshooting steps listed above, it is time to get a new one. These toys may last longer, depending on how you use them. However, there is no defined age for these toys. Laser X enthusiasts are always hunting for the latest models to up their game.

How much is Laser X Laser Tag?

Laser X accessories start from $20 and go up to $50. Its equipment is moderately priced but offers excellent quality and range.

How to use Laser X Laser Tag?

Once you have your equipment with you, install the batteries. You need 6 AAA batteries (3 for the gun and 3 for the vest) to turn on the blaster and the vest. The next step is to choose the team. You can pick red or blue team or go for a free for all option.

The next step is to load the blaster. Wait for 2 seconds, give it a shake, and you will hear s sound indicating that it is now loaded. Now it is time to fire away and play.

What is a Laser X Laser Tag Interactive Gaming Tower? 

Laser X Interactive gaming tower is a standalone gaming station. It lets you play solo or in teams and offers up to 8 gaming variations.

How can I disable the warning beep on my Laser X Blaster?

Some people don’t like the warning beeps on their Laser X blasters. You can disable it by taking help from the video below.

Can Laser X Blasters damage Eyes? 

No. Laser X blasters are safe for the eyes. The “laser” in the Laser Tag is just a naming confusion. Laser X equipment uses IR rays that are completely safe for human eyes. Many appliances like TV, mobile phone, security cameras, and scanners use IR rays. These rays are completely safe for humans.

Can I use Laser X equipment in daylight? 

Yes. You can play with Laser X equipment in daylight. You may experience short range when playing in bright ambient lighting, but it doesn’t stop you from playing in bright setups or daylight.

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